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Explore an extensive range of my video production work and drone videography in my portfolio. Immerse yourself in captivating content, from dynamic outdoor festivals and compelling business video commercials to engaging interviews, mesmerizing nature clips, and beyond. Witness the versatility and creativity that define my video storytelling across different genres and styles.

Danish Outdoor Festival Aftermovie 2023

Danish Outdoor Festival nedpakning

Danish Outdoor Festival opbygning af festival


Danish Outdoor Festival Magisk morgen i Lunden Silkeborg

Anders Agger og Anne Hjernøe, Outdoor365 Magasin video 
Råbjerg Mile 2023

Hotel Hvideklit

Emma´s Everest Interview 2023

Green Nature Clip
Water Nature Clip
Yellow Natyre Clip
Isfuglen episode 5 Fishermans trail 
Bright Bird 
Isfuglen episode 3
Isfuglen Portugal
Isfuglen episode 2
Isfuglen episode 1
Bil Kompagniet Reklame
Egaa Marina reklamevideo
Mosquito Joe Installation video
Aftermovie Danish Outdoor festival 2022 
SURF & SUP Silkeborg
Interview med Silkeborg Business Anders Killmann Petersen
Klatre Parken Danmarks Outdoor festival 2022
Borgmester Helle Gade Møder Isabel June 2022
Young @ Heart, – Danmarks Outdoor Festival
Danmarks Outdoor Festival Busstation til festivalpladsen
Danmarks Outdoor Festival 14 Dage Før festival
E-Bike Silkeborg, reklamevideo
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