My Services

Commercial Video Production Services

Commercial video to boost your business

I produce advertising films and make company presentation films with huge business impact.

It starts with you, and the story you want to tell.
I have several years experience with helping businesses to produce “the good story”

Sending a strong message, is important. I have a solid workflow to produce what your business need

I am a focused business partner who can assist your company in creating online content

Commercial & Professional Photography Services

Commercial photos for business and pleasure

I produce photos for your business. Either if it´s company profiles, machinery og product images, i got the equipment and the eye for the detail in photos

​If you need private photos of your children, family or a photograpeher for your party, I can assist you and help save your private moments forever

​I have taken photos for many years and is skilled in developing some of the best photos for you pleasure

​I am an focused business partner, or you private help when the posibility arrises

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