Michael Krogh

Video & Photo Production


A strong visual identity is important. 

Surveys show that the use of video on social media platforms
will constitute up to 80% of the total mobile data traffic.

Follow the trend and make your company stand out in a growing online business

  • Video content is an eye-catcher
  • Video content can potentially increase your website’s SEO
  • Make wow-content for your media platforms

Video commercial as low as 2.999 DKK

Online video course

Enroll in my 7-hour online video course – book today and start learning with me.

My Services

I specialize in delivering professional video production services, as well as offering expertise in drone videography and photography.

Drone Videography

Offering stunning aerial perspectives, our drone video and photography service captures the world from new heights

Commercial Video Production

Expert in commercial video production for captivating business visuals.

Professional Photography

Providing top-notch photography services for all your visual needs.

ABOUT Michael

Michael Krogh

Photograph, filming, editor, composer, dronepilot, 360 video, cameraman, sound, storyboard, light.

Above words states some of the tasks I do But there is som much more to be experienced

My true passion is making content. 
When I work with my camera it makes my world a much better place.

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