Michael Krogh

Welcome to Michael Krogh’s creative universe!

I am dedicated to creating unique visual and audio experiences through my work in video, photography, audio production and more. With years of experience and a passion for storytelling, I work to deliver content that catches the eye and evokes emotions.

Video production:
From concept to finished product, I specialize in creating engaging videos for a wide range of purposes. From commercials to film projects, I bring ideas to life through careful planning, shooting and editing.

Every image tells a story and I strive to capture moments and create visual narratives through my lens. Regardless of whether it is portraits, landscapes or events, I emphasize capturing the essence and creating images that speak.

Sound production:
Sound is a crucial part of any experience. I offer sound production expertise that includes everything from recording to editing, setting the mood and enhancing the message of any project.

Planning and Storyboard:
Creating coherent and relevant content requires a solid plan. I work closely with storyboard development and planning to ensure every detail is in place before the camera rolls.

My goal is always to create content that inspires, engages and leaves a lasting impression. Let’s create magic together and bring your ideas to life!

Feel free to contact me to discuss your projects and how I can contribute to realizing your visions.

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